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Web Design

"Hobbies of any kind are boring except to people who have the same hobby." - Dave Barry

Just a few years ago I had no idea what web design was, how a website is put together - what I did know is that I wanted one. So I started reading, decided to go with FrontPage and designed my first one. Then I abandoned FrontPage and switched to Dreamweaver which I am still using and will probably use for a long while - the learning curve, although rewarding was steep enough to stop me from learning another software.

Most of the time I am using readily available templates and customize them to my needs and my liking.

Websites I am managing

Advent Forras - a website for the Hungarian Seventh-day Adventists worldwide.

Atlanta North Church - my local Adventist church's website. I am doing not only web design but I am also the head of audio/video ministries - more about this on the multimedia page.

TruckTrap - a wannabe website selling insurance for truck drivers.