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We are a happy family of four. Adel and I were born and grew up in the same city - Ludus (Romania). We went to the same school (althoug separated by time, she being six years younger) attended the same church, we even dated shortly in our younger years, then our lives took different paths for a while. For about fifteen years, to be more precise...

Adel worked as a registered nurse in our home town at the regional, hospital and specialized in labor and delivery. I also worked in Ludus as an electronics technician, first for a local company, then managing my own small business and employing two more technicians - we fixed everything electronics, from small radio receivers to color televisions.

We reconnected in the late 1990s and got married on January 25, 1998 in our home town. Just a few months before that I was chosen by who knows what (a computer system?) to be eligible for emigration in the United States. So we moved to Atlanta on June 15, 1998. Why Atlanta, you may ask. Because we had friends in Atlanta, who took us literally from the airport and guided our first steps in our new country. They helped us with housing for the first few months, helped us with pretty much everything necessary to start a new life in a new world: buying the first car, opening a checking account, finding a job, and above all, lots and lots of good advice.

Adel tried to have her diploma accepted by the Board of Nursing but it didn't work. So we decided that the easyest way for her is to go back to College. She started at Georgia Perimeter College in the fall of 1998, finished her prerequisites in one year and enrolled in the Nursing curriculum one year later. Two extremely hard years followed for both of us, but it paid off: she finished just a few points below a perfect 4.0 GPA. She got a job at the hospital with the largest number of births in the USA, Northside Hospital Atlanta, where she is still working.

She barely started her job when our precious daughter Evelyn Bella was born, right at the hospital where Mom works. Five years later our son Joseph was born.

The rest of the story is a mix of hard work and a lot of fun - our children have become the center of our life, they bring us lots of joy and fill our days with a lot of work. The fun type of work that is...

I still work as an electronics technician, this time on big screen (mostly projection) televisions as factory service technician for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, and Adel is still delivering babies at Northside Hospital.

Evelyn is in elementary school, and Joseph has just started getting his feet wet in the never-ending waters of learning... he started daycare three hours a day, twice a week - otherwise staying home with a babysitter.