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June 2010 (Please scroll down for vacation and General Conference pictures)


Charles Haugabrooks singing at Atlanta North

Sorry for the shaky camera...

It was at the end of the children's story... I had my old Sony DSC 828 photographic camera with me as I took some pictures of the children listening to the story... when I noticed that Adventist singer Charles Haugabrooks is getting ready to sing (I did not know he was there). So I decided to record him, with whatever I have at hand; that old photo camera does shoot video as well. Sure, at low resolution (640x480 pixels), but that was not my main problem. The problem was the lack of a tripod. So please forgive the shaky camera, and concentrate instead on the energetic performance.

June 2010: Vacation on the White Sand of Panama City Beach, Florida

The Seventh-day Adventist Church hold a "General Conference" every 5 years. This is the highest forum of the Church, where the leaders are chosen, and the most important issues are discussed. This year the General Conference was held between June 23 and July 3 right here in Atlanta. We attended a few meetings and of course took a few pictures.