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October 3rd, 2009 - Atlanta North Church Aniversary Concert

Evelyn has been singing in our church choir for kids since the summer of 2009. She really enjoys singing, and this is one of her public appearances.

On October 3rd, 2009 our church was celebrating 25 years of existence. Choir director Mary Ann Valenti put together a nice program and Evelyn was part of it. Enjoy the video!


October 27-28, 2009 - Hallway Golf at Mitsubishi in Braselton

My work place, Mitsubishi, organizes every year around Halloween a charitable event. We invite area business partners, and all Mitsu employees also play after "buying the right" to play mini golf. Each department sets up their own golf area using materials laying around - no big investment is ever made.

Mitsubisi also offers a large screen television set to be given to the winner of a raffle.

All proceeds go to an area school for children with special needs - watch toward the end of the slideshow and you will understand what kind of special needs these kids have.