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August 2009 - Going Green... My New Car: 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid

Who said that the bad economy is all bad news? It got me a new car! Here it is - the tag is your proof:
it's my ham radio call sign, N1RVN - on this picture I'm filling up the tank on a rainy day.

So what happened to my good old Jeep? I got rid of it! You know the famous saying: you're happy with a new ... (fill in the blanks) twice - once when you buy it, then one more time when you sell it. Well, in this case I didn't sell it, but I still got $4500 for it - not bad if I take into consideration that I paid $6000 for it when I bought it, and put almost 90.000 miles on it in the three years I had it. How did that happen? In short: the US Government gave (the famous/infamous Cash for Clunkers program), I took - end of story. It really was that simple, I just walked into the Honda dealership, dropped off the Jeep, and picked up the shiny new vehicle. Sure, I had to sign some papers, but did not have to even take out my check book... yeah, there's going to be a few payments... but hey, I got a new car!

Here are a few more photos gathered from the internet, mainly from the manufacturer's website.

So what's all the fuss about the Insight beeng "green", a.k.a. energy efficient? The Honda Insight is a hybrid car, it has a gas engine assisted by an electric motor. At the back, just under the back seats, there is a fairly large 100 volts battery, that gets charged when you decelarate or use the breaks, and helps the gas engine when needed (when you accelerate). Honda calls the technology IMA - Integraged Motor Assist, see on this picture:

On the dashboard you have some tools to help you increase you gas mileage - digital indicators of your driving style. Shown on the picture below for example, the driver is breaking a little too hard, the solid white square should not get that close to the light blue square on the left.

If followed carefully, these instruments help you drive very "clean", so the gas mileage can actually be significantly higher than shown on this official paper from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The interior looks like this - except my model does not have the GPS navigation.

Instead, the the dashboard looks like this on mine:

And finally, a close-up of the radio/CD controls up close. See the "Aux" jack (covered on this picture), you can connect your iPod or other music player and enjoy your own music selection.